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Back to Primitive Society as a Chief
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Hodor held the iron spear in his hand and asked, "Are you sure you're all right?" "Of course." As he spoke, the snow whistled, and the golden eagle on sentry duty in the sky outside immediately let out an eagle's cry, followed by flying into the cave and landing on the ground. "Follow the golden eagle," said Xue. Hodor curled his lips. "I know that." Snow Er: "That, I am to say with blade tooth tiger." Hodor: ".." "No, can it understand what you say?" "Of course." As he spoke, Snow told the blade-toothed tiger again. The big cat's eyes gradually revealed a few touches of humanized light. Immediately, its mouth sent out a loud roar, directly out of the cave. Snow took people to send Hodor to Taniguchi, watching Hodor's back gradually disappeared in the line of sight, then turned his head and said to the crowd: "Well, now, we should think about what to do." "Are you going to look for Chief Lin?" Chou asked. Snow shook her head. "No, now, Chief Lin is fighting with Ajie in the mountains next door. It's no use for us to find Chief Lin." "Besides, if we're looking for it, we're not looking for Chief Lin. The best thing is that we're looking for one or two of Chief Beast Blood or Chief Eagle." "Why Lord Snow?" The two patriarchs, Beast Blood and Eagle, once fought with warriors in the northern fortress against the Qingfeng tribe, and their words are even more reassuring. However, it's better to wait until Ah Jie comes back, so that Ah Jie won't see us. Now our advantage is that Ah Jie can't find us,pump tube, but we know where Ah Jie is. Ugly. Hearing the cry, Ugly stepped forward: "Lord Snow!" "You take two people to the Lihuo tribe to observe the movement of Manglietia and see what she is doing.". Besides, pay attention to what Manglietia thinks about Usma. Do you understand? "Yes, Lord Snow!" "Now, take this valley as the headquarters of our counterattack, stay here, wait for them to come back, wait for the counterattack." "Yes!"! Lord Snow! The order came from the mouth of the snow. The six men, including the ugly of the thunder and fire department,plastic laminted tube, plus Ah Yin and the small blade-toothed tiger, were only eight men and one beast, including the snow. However, their opponents were Manglietia, who controlled the Lihuo tribe, and Ah Jie, who fought against the mountains next door. Normally speaking, if the battle fails, then the snow will probably have a chance of success. If the battle is successful and the prestige rises greatly, then the snow is afraid that there is no chance at all. If you can, snow leave the eastern plains, and Ador together to find Ji thief, let Ji thief to clean up the mess, is the best choice, but also do not bother. However, snow also has her own ideas, she also has her own plans. The Lihuo tribe was sent out from their own hands. Usma had hinted to themselves, cosmetic tube ,custom cosmetic packaging, and they had reminded themselves directly. But what's the use of not believing at that time? The Lihuo tribe was thrown away from its own hands, which was an unforgivable thing for snow. Perhaps Ji thief will not blame himself after returning from the natural plain, but in the heart of the snow, it is to be more than a barrier can not be passed. Whatever it is, you have to do something to make up for it. For the sake of missing fifty-eight, no, today should be fifty-nine days of Ji thief, in order to protect themselves, willing to enter the Ministry of Public Security witch a Niu, in order to be framed by a robbery, locked up in the Ministry of Public Security a Ju, to listen to the slander of Manglietia, and become crazy and irrational clansmen! Oneself, always have to do something. Do not retreat, do not admit defeat, the eastern plain, is the stage of their own performance. Taking a deep breath, Snow clenched her fist and gritted her teeth. "Look, Ah Jie, Manglietia, even if the warriors are gone, this Lihuo tribe is not something you two can insult at will!"! I'm the first one not to agree! In the eastern plain, the wind and clouds over the Lihuo tribe changed, because of the words of snow, because of the determination of snow, once again, rich to the extreme.
803-Reward and Punishment After learning the news of the snow escape, Manglietia was very anxious, because anxious, two nights ago they attacked, almost did not burn to death in the room of the anxious mood, compared with the snow escape, it is not so important. Manglietia sent people to look for their whereabouts to avenge their anger, while sending people to appease the people who were flustered by the snow escape. It's not that she didn't want to take it out on the people in charge of the security department, but what if she did, because the dead people in charge became flustered again? Manglietia did not dare to do so, although now on the surface, the Lihuo tribe has fallen into their own hands, but Manglietia knows that these are false, he just deceived everyone, aroused everyone's dissatisfaction with the person in charge. Simply speaking, the people of Lihuo tribe are not the subordinates of Manglietia. They are just another kind of partner of Manglietia. If we say that the positions of Ajie and Manglietia are exchanged at this time, perhaps the people of the clan will agree with Ajie. But the people will never agree with Manglietia, which Manglietia knows. It is because of this that she is always a little timid in doing things. He sent someone to tell Ah Jie what had happened to the Lihuo tribe these days. Seven days later, Ah Jie sent someone back and told Manglietia a word. Don't do anything, and don't move the person in charge until I come back from conquering the mountains next door. After hearing this, Manglietia breathed a sigh of relief. In the past, Manglietia looked down on Ajie and thought that he had no other advantages except a little cleverness. The only thing that can be praised is probably that Ah Jie will offend anyone for his own sake. But now, Manglietia was wrong, and Manglietia found that she was very wrong. She knew why Ji Thief would let Ah Jie be the deputy head of the Lihuo tribe, not only because Ji Thief had promised Ah Jie, but also because Ah Jie was smart. But because, the entire Lihuo tribe up and down,tube lip gloss, in addition to the Ji thief, the most capable of the patriarch position, is a robbery.