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Volume 04
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" 'Ding Ding Poof!'" The big fellow fended off two. But the third one, when the first one was fended off, suddenly increased in speed and was shaken open by a man holding a short gun beside him, thus avoiding the danger of being stabbed. Sure enough, good archery. It turns out that I, Mai Chengfeng, looked down upon you. No wonder he was able to kill my brother three years ago. "That big fellow doesn't contain any emotion." Unexpectedly,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, Mai Chengfeng will also become a running dog of the'Demon Sect '. It's really unpredictable! Pan Guge taunted the tunnel. Hum, those who know the times are outstanding. This is an eternal truth. It is my honor to be able to look up to the Dharma Protector of Meng Helian! Mai Chengfeng disdains the tunnel. Unexpectedly, the ghost flute is just a self-abased person. Alas,pumpkin seed extract, I have nothing to say. Pan Guge Yin damages the tunnel. Mai Chengfeng's face changed, but he instantly regained his normal look and said, 'You want to provoke me, but you're still a little young. I'd like to see what kind of cheap way you'll be when you can't survive or die.' "It depends on whether you, Mai Chengfeng, carnosic acid price ,tannic acid astringent, have this weight!"! Pan Guge seemed to have written all his confidence on his face and did not care about the tunnel. Puff, puff! On the shore came the sound of three fireworks, a short explosion. Pan Guge's heart widened. When Qin Tianbao and the others were stunned, he gently said to Fu Jinbang, "Everything on the shore is ready. They can meet us. Hurry up and give orders. The brothers on the shore can attack the people who will go ashore in Miluo from behind. But the most important thing is to escape by themselves. After landing, they can join the brothers at the helm of Miluo and come to reinforce them." "Yes!"! The helmsman Fu Jinbang answered. Pan Guge looked at Fu Jinbang, who had turned away, and felt a warm feeling in his heart. Then he looked at the six sinking ships, the hurried Miluo Club and the disciples of Siliuwu, with a touch of coldness at the corners of his mouth. Brothers, give me another round of gifts for them! Pan Guge smiled cheerfully at the disciples of Yueyang Gate behind him, and at the same time pulled out three powerful arrows from behind. All right, brothers, let them see that the sons of Yueyang Gate are not easy to mess with. Come on, let's shout three times that the bastard lamb will go to hell, and then give them a full meal. "Zhongwu also caught up with the stern of the boat with a relaxed and happy smile.". Pan Guge looked at Zhongwu's fighting face and said with a smile, "That's a good idea. Come on, start shouting!" Son of a bitch,turmeric extract powder, go to hell! Son of a bitch, go to hell! Son of a bitch, go to hell! 。