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Queen Ji (including extra chapters)
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The little fellow crouched in the corner of the bed and slept soundly. Bai Xuan suddenly laughed, because Bai Bi was wearing a hooded one-piece pajamas with two curved horns sticking out of his head and a thin and long tail showing behind his buttocks, and his hands and feet were shrunken in hoof-shaped gloves. His little body hung like an octopus on a giant doll, and when he looked closely, the doll looked like his own little body. Mother. Dad.. Bai Bi patted her little mouth and talked unconsciously. Bai Xuan's heart was hit hard. Where are her mother and father? The parents of the previous life have probably been reincarnated, so where is the family of this life? Suddenly, his eyes were slightly sour. Bai Xuan sat up and pulled the brocade quilt to cover the white jade. It was expected that the child was very alert in his sleep and suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes were so sharp that they made Bai Xuan's skin tingle, but in an instant, his eyes, which were full of vigilance and vigilance, relaxed again. Bai Bi called softly and softly: "Little boy..." "Come and sleep with me." Bai Xuan patted himself on the side. This is a child. No matter how long he lives, he is still a child. What is taboo? Bai Biwuxian immediately smiled like a flower, and the doll, which was almost as tall as himself, did not want it, and climbed to Bai Xuan's side with both hands and feet. Slipping into bed, he hugged Bai Xuan's arm tightly, put his little head on Bai Xuan's shoulder, sighed contentedly, and closed his eyes. Bai Xuan pulled the horn of the cow on Bai Bi's flawless head, and pulled the small tail behind his buttocks. The little one wriggled and muttered, and she laughed happily. Bai Biwuxian opened her eyes and said in a low voice,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, "I'm so happy that you finally smiled." Bai Xuan smiled slightly stiffly, turned sideways to face him, reached out his other hand and patted him gently on the back. He said softly, "Be good and go to sleep." Rubbing Bai Xuan's arm, Bai Biwuxian yawned and held her firmly in a deep sleep. Bai Xuan sighed to himself and continued to pat him on the back. She suddenly thought, it seems that Shen Sanduo threw a small thing to himself, as if it was called. Shen Xian? Sadly, is it difficult for us to become a nanny in the future? Bai Xuan shook his head. The little fellow beside her was warm and seemed to bring a little warmth to her cold heart,large palm trees for sale, and she soon fell asleep. The next day, Bai Xuan was woken up by the sound of a trumpet ringing through the sky. Bai Biwuxian poked her head out of her arms, rubbed her sleepy eyes, and muttered discontentedly, "It's so noisy." As soon as he rolled out of bed, he twisted his buttocks and ran out breathlessly, wagging his little tail sewn on his pajamas very happily. The child is probably angry to get up. Look at his little face, which is twisted ferociously. Bai Xuan slipped into the quilt and planned to squint for a while, but the sound of the horn outside became louder and sharper, and she could not resist the magic sound in her head, so she had to get up. At this time, Bai Bi ran in and jumped up and down on the ground, waving his arms and making blind gestures. His eyes shone and he said, "Sea sacrifice, sea sacrifice. Come and see the sea sacrifice." Seeing that Bai Xuan was still folding the quilt slowly, decorative palm trees ,Faux cherry blossom tree, Bai Biwuxian rushed over and hugged her arm and turned away, shouting happily: "There are a lot of people singing a grand opera, but the clothes they wear are so ugly.". It's so lively outside. Go and have a look. Bai Xuan was dragged along by Bai Bi, but she had no resistance now, so she had to follow obediently. Came to the outside corridor of the bedroom, leaning on the railing and looking, Bai Xuan suddenly some dizzy. Niang, how many ships can have such a big array, but see the sea built a huge high platform, there are indeed people as the white jade flawless said "singing opera". But Bai Xuan could see clearly that some kind of ceremony was probably being held on the high platform, and that the melodious and distant singing voice was actually the sound of others singing the ceremony. Bai Bi was so full of curiosity that he directed the palace to float close to the high platform. Bai Xuan was horrified to find that the palace could change its shape at will and squeeze directly between two very close ships. If outsiders could see it, they would find that the palace had become a thin, narrow and almost flat existence, but she did not have any strange feeling. Near the high platform, Bai Xuan looked carefully, and his eyes slowly tightened. One of the people who performed the ceremony was a tall and burly young man with thick eyebrows like an ink knife and eyes full of solemn and gloomy color.
Last night, Bai Xuan's painful choice was once again in front of him. Is it to escape or to fight? Can't avoid, must face. Chapter 36 the elusive crystal jade. What do you see most in the Kuroshio period, especially in the field? Death will die by eating poisonous food by mistake when hungry, by being bitten, trampled and torn into seventeen or eighteen pieces when fighting with wild things, by being seriously injured and unable to be treated in time, and by being betrayed by partners as bait and shield at a certain moment of life and death. There are many ways, only unexpected, nothing can not be done. See more death, of course, people's hearts will become numb and cold, even if it is the death of close relatives, can quickly clean up the mood, turn to face the future. Because you don't know if the next person to die is yourself, where do you have the mood to care about the dead? To put it mildly, this kind of emotion is called "taking up and putting down"; to put it crudely, it is cold-blooded, cruel and selfish. However, those who are immersed in the past and can only wail sadly will definitely die faster than others. People who can't get out of sadness will soon be taken away by sadness. The more senior the agent is, the more ruthless his behavior is than others. Even hatred is something that can be valued in their eyes, and they can do whatever they want when it is beneficial to them. If it hurts them, they should calm down, think carefully and plan carefully. So, the old thunder of the journey guild, the only male in the family died, but he was able to shake hands with Bai Xuan. It was forced by the lack of strength, but also lured by the heavy profits of the crystal mine. So, in those days and now, Bai Xuan, who lost Mammoth and Pipi, can quickly wipe away his tears and choose the best way for himself to go. The living can't be dragged down by the dead, even if they are close relatives. If you grieve for a thousand years,artificial plant wall panels, will the dead come back to life? Can you go on smoothly in your own life? Boiling blood and becoming a cold-blooded animal, which one can let oneself go one more step, which one will be chosen.